May 14, 2018

Hello exaqueue!


I’m new to this forum. Kind of a ghost town though. :(

ExaQueue DOTcom
Jun 4, 2018

Ye, that's true.

How did you come up to this forum? To be honest.. It is just prepared for our Early Access :)


Jun 7, 2018

i found it by google. and why did you password lock this?

ExaQueue DOTcom
Jun 8, 2018

Because it is not ready, yet.

We thought of opening it as soon as we release the closed Alpha.

But, it seems like some people found out our really hard password haha

ExaQueue DOTcom
Jun 8, 2018

However, we would really appreciate youe opinion! :) Or have you got any questions?


Jun 8, 2018

no password needed to post on the forum though. the settings page and members page for example trigger password entry.

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